Andre Sola Habenicht

Managing Partner - DACHS

“Guten Tag! Wie gehts?” As you may notice I am the Managing Partner for TechStream’s German speaking countries. I was part of the EarthStream founding team and have since built successful office locations in Zurich, Munich and Hamburg.

I started my career many years ago with one of the big global recruitment companies; so when I was approached to join an innovative start up and build a German capability from the ground floor, I felt the opportunity was too great to pass.

One thing that really makes the difference are the people that you work with and for me that was critical in my decision to join, the values within the group are key to our success and I make sure these hold true in every aspect of the German build and this is reflective in the amazing people we now have in the team.

Besides of managing the operations and the business leaders I like to lead from the front and I engage regularly with my key clients to win & deliver executive searches. We combine technical & market knowledge with a good network and efficient search and identification methodology. In my career I only failed on one search and as of my knowledge this position is not filled until today.

My family lives with me in St. Gallen / Switzerland and I travel regularly between Zürich, Munich, Hamburg and the other European and global offices. If I am at home I spend the time with my two boys and I like to sail at lake Constance or to go hiking in the Appenzeller Alps.