Charles David

Talent Manager

Energy markets have always had a great fascination for me and since the completion of my bachelor’s degree in the UK, I have been fortunate in that my career has been exclusively dedicated to the provision of talent acquisition solutions into the Oil & Gas market. Now over 6 years on, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to (and help design) labor onboarding strategies that have been implemented across the production lifecycle from early phase exploration & production to project engineering/ EPC, right through to refinery operations and downstream retail infrastructure.

Following 5 years working in the Oil & Gas capital of the world [Houston], I now split my time between Houston and New York and have joined EarthStream to lead their next phase of planned growth in North America, as the dedicated energy brand of the TechStream Group.

Oil and Gas is a fascinating industry to work in: it reaches all 4 corners of the world and operates in some of the most remote & geopolitically challenging environments we can find today. I have been fortunate enough to hire individuals across 6 out of the 7 continents (sadly I am missing Antarctica), 27+ countries, 17+ US states and into the Gulf of Mexico. While many people do not appreciate the amount of work that goes into something as simple as filling up their car with gasoline or buying a plastic bottle of water; I have been lucky that my experience has ranged from geologists evaluating seismic data, through drilling, construction of production facilities and delivery to terminal.

Now as a Talent Manager within the Energy recruitment brand EarthStream, I find I can continue to be an integral part of the global energy supply chain that literally keeps people’s homes heated and critical infrastructure running. Our exposure is now broader than ever with coverage in our traditional Oil & Gas markets but in addition clean energy alternatives, shale development and a focus on efficiency and innovation that the lower petrochemical prices has enabled.  

When I am not wishing I had to the smarts to be an engineer myself you can find me in the kitchen, I love cooking for friends and entertaining. If you are lucky you might find me spinning records at a nightclub somewhere too!


Charles David


North America