Qamar Khan

Senior Talent Consultant

Based in the Singapore office I am hugely enthusiastic about the renewable energy markets in the APAC region. I want to be at the forefront of recruiting for the top energy talent in Asia.

Hailing from London and having completed a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bath, I started out in the recruitment industry in 2011. Since then, my focus has been on the renewables, energy and engineering sectors where I have had success recruiting across Europe and now Asia Pacific.

Before coming to Singapore, I completed an extensive solo backpacking trip for over 18 months across South and Central America, Europe and Asia. This included much adventure, sights, sounds and experiences which I will never forget.

As a member of the EarthStream team, the trends in renewables and clean energy will be clearly defined by the ability of developers to store energy and sell back to the grid at peak times. This will be a game changer in renewables and mean hybrid, off grid and larger scale projects would become even more commercially viable.

Friends and family that know me would say that I like to keep fit but also love to eat well. Sushi, steak and Singaporean Laksa are all at the top of the list!