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Commitment To Cleantech in Singapore


Commitment To Cleantech in Singapore

Posted-on September 2017

My most recent trip to our Singapore office has been one of my most exciting ones to date.

I expected attending the Formula 1 with some of our local clients to have been the most exceptional part of the trip, however my amazement has been at the Singapore haze.

This time of year sees Singapore’s neighbours in Indonesia having their annual forest burnings, which is basically a cheap but harmful way of clearing vast tracts of land for plantations.

Singapore’s air quality reached “very unhealthy” levels in September according to the pollutant standards index, as thick smog from the forest fires in the neighbouring island of Sumatra choked the city. At one point you couldn’t see the race track from our 26 floor office!

Coming from Spain that has almost constant clear skies has meant this is a real eye opener for me and I now understand why clean technology is such a strategic growth area for the government. I understand that more than $700 million has been committed by the government to fund research & development (R&D) and manpower development in Singapore-based organizations.

So, how do EarthStream Global fit into all of this?

These are very exciting times for our team here in Singapore as we are one of the few specialist recruitment companies to focus on cleantech & environmental sectors. We are witnessing global players like Siemens, GE and Vestas alongside start up SMEs playing a vital and unique role in developing new innovations and pushing the boundaries of technology and solutions.

EarthStream are playing a critical role in supporting this government commitment as the industry now looks to employ 18,000 people and contribute $3.4 billion to Singapore’s GDP this year.

Singapore is now a living lab to test bed of innovative sustainable solutions in an urban setting and EarthStream are at the heart of this.