Climate change – is the house on fire?

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Drought, polar vortices, storms of unprecedented ferocity, flooding - you name it and in one part or another of the globe, it would appear that weather of an extreme nature is battering the planet. Whether you subscribe to the concept of climate change or not, the fact that weather appears to be more volatile than ever before is without question. 

In Cape Town, in 2017/18, drought brought the City to its knees as water reserves dropped to levels where ‘Day Zero’ was being discussed as a reasonable and foreseeable consequence.  In Chicago on the other hand, the City experienced temperatures similar to those in the poles and temperatures dropped well below -23 degrees centigrade at their lowest.

Enter Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year-old teenager with Asperger's syndrome, who has challenged global leaders to change their policies around global warming and climate change. 

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