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A digitised mining economy to optimise investment


A digitised mining economy to optimise investment

Posted-on December 2019

Building on from the success of the 2019 Mining Indaba, industry experts from across the value chain will tackle topics including the industry’s role in addressing climate change and decarbonisation and sustainability measure for investment in the next decade.

The main stage will once again host CEOs, ministers and possibly even be a president or two.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 11, 2019
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Tom Quinn, head of content at Investing in Africa’s Mining Indaba provides an overview of what delegates can expect from the 2020 programmes and gives an overview of the brand-new theme ‘Optimising growth and investment in the digitised mining economy’.

The theme for 2020 Mining Indaba is ‘Optimising growth and investment in the digitised mining economy’, can you explain why this was decided?

Digitisation has gone from concept to reality and is now a way of life in a global context. From the perspective of business, we are increasingly engaging with digitised, automated and even AI systems whether it be through operations, supply chains or the financial ecosystem that underpins the way in which we do business.

The whole concept of the fourth industrial revolution is now becoming more mainstream and we can see this in our industry from automated mines, blockchain incubators securing the transparency of mined materials, safety technologies to reduce accidents, and our ongoing interaction with data in which to grow mining in a more efficient and sustainable way. 

2019’s Mining Indaba focused on sustainability which is now in the DNA of most mining operations globally. In a similar way, digitisation is not just a technology issue, it has challenges and opportunities throughout the natural resources value chain and that is why it’s such an important focus for us in this edition.

What discussions will be taking place at Mining Indaba that tackle the theme?

As we always strive to do at Mining Indaba, we’re offering a range of content formats and topics which will resonate with multiple stakeholders along the mining and natural resources value chain. The issue of digitisation and harnessing new technologies will be included in many sessions from the Main Plenary stage, the Sustainable Development day, and Junior Mining Showcase – to our Young Leaders programme and, of course, our extended Mining 2050 platform.

Each of the sessions with explore, and platform issues in connection to mining’s fourth industrial revolution, including: The Brand of Mining, Mining and the Dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Winning Back the Millennial Generation: How Should Mining Companies Position Themselves to Attract Millennial Investors?, Mining in South Africa and the YES Initiative Looking at Digital Career Paths, and Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: How Can African Mining Position Itself for Growth and Avoid the Shocks of Potential Automation.

With digitisation bringing more than $425 billion of value for the mining industry, it’s clear to see that opportunities are lucrative and vital not to be left behind. How is the content at Mining Indaba highlighting this across the three days?

As that figure suggests, the potential investment opportunities in digital optimisation for the mining industry are enormous. Given the fundamental goal of Mining Indaba to platform debate at the forefront of industry challenges and opportunities, we have listened to our audience and we are delighted to announce the expansion of our Mining 2050 tech-focused content offering over two days.

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Source:Mining Review Africa