AJay Glogiewicz

Talent Consultant

Born & bred in London, although my name may indicate otherwise, I started my career not in sales or engineering as many of my colleagues but instead as a freelance photographer on locations and weddings.

Embarking on a career in recruitment was a massive decision for me, very different to the career I knew, but one I ultimately wanted to make.

Taking on a new challenge, moving me out of my comfort zone and into a world of engineering was initially very daunting. The team support and the training I have received have made the transition very smooth.

I joined the CleanTech team as I have a real passion for environmental change new this would provide me a level of personal synergy that I sought. Although my career is still in its infancy I have now supported projects throughout the UK, including one of the largest offshore wind programmes.

I still like to continue my passion for photography outside the office and you will often see me attending weddings and hopefully giving the Bride & Groom some very memorable shots.