Feno Rasoanaivo

Executive Talent Development Manager

Born in Madagascar in a big family I got my educational background in the German speaking countries. During a traineeship for one of the leading cooperation agencies in the German touristic branch in 2005, I had my first training in communication. I was really impressed by the trainer, her skills and her passion to train and coach: so, my wish to become a trainer & coach was born.

I graduated in Business Sciences Bachelor with the focus on adult’s education as one of the best 20% at an Economy University in Vienna/Austria. At the same time, I received my economy training certificate.

In November 2011 I decided to move to the most beautiful city in Germany:  Hamburg. I started to work as a Recruiter in the Engineering Sector for a large Plc - Hays.

Loving sales activities and winning the Hays Award for best recruiting performance I started to coach recruiting employees for contracting engineering and system trainings.

In 2016 I felt the time was right to get a position which combines my sales knowledge and my strength in training and coaching people.

Fortunately, EarthStream recognized, that this combination is the right way to develop people and together we decided to build up the Talent Development Department for the German speaking countries in November 2016.

I am happy and pleased to be on this journey with EarthStream. Building up a new department, analyse the strength and the needs for the sales employees and developing internal and external training and coaching are my daily tasks.

Engaging with colleagues each day in a familiar but also professional environment shows me each day, that EarthStream was the right decision.

I am thankful and proud to be a part of such an entrepreneurial company which gives each talent the possibility to develop.