Wind Energy Onshore

EarthStream is a leading service provider for Onshore & Offshore wind technicians in UK & EMEA.

In 2019 we have launched our Onshore & Offshore Wind North America service offering and are working with a range of market-leading wind turbine manufactures, service providers, utility providers and project developers.

As the season approaches in 2020 we are looking to match talented L2 to L5 wind turbine technicians to over 50 contracts EarthStream have been awarded that commence between March & May and continue through to November for onshore turbine service, maintenance & installation functions.

As part of this annual drive, we are offering a $500 referral bonus if you refer any wind technician that begins a contract with EarthStream North America this season.

A great chance to refer a colleague and ensure you work on the best projects with the best people.

Please ensure you have permission to refer your friend and then get us in touch!

To qualify:

You must have permission to refer the details of the person in mind.

This must be a technician unknown/ not currently engaged with EarthStream North America.

This technician must work 40 hours min on a project for EarthStream in 2020.