EarthStream have worked closely with this world leading E&P for a number of years across the $100+ a barrel and during the market downturn.

The volume of recruitment has varied throughout the years, often as a direct reflection of oil price. Our most successful year to date has meant that EarthStream supplied all but 5 hires across Geoscience, Portfolio & Planning and Subsurface Engineering.

EarthStream presented an exclusive supply solution that allowed our client to manage recruitment spend on a monthly basis and ultimately managing the demand peaks and troughs whilst allowing them to reap the rewards of true talent pipe-lining, skills pooling and effective market mapping on an on-going basis.

The net result of this exclusive relationship is reduced overall recruitment spend whilst enjoying greatly improved turn-around times and talent bench-marking. As our client’s sole recruitment partner, we are in a much stronger position to add true value in helping our client stay ahead of talent issues most of their competitors face on a daily basis.