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Account Manager

Job Description

We have a current opportunity for a Account Manager on a permanent basis. The position will be based in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Lyon).

Purpose of the Job
Manage the client relationships for several of our client's key accounts to keep in touch with the market developments.


External Focus:

  • Identifying and acquiring new customers to expand the existing customer base.
  • Gathering information from the market and customers, understanding market needs, and knowing what the customer aims to achieve.
  • Familiarizing themselves with competitors' Unique Selling Points (U.S.P.'s) and successfully using this knowledge in favor of our client.
  • Positioning our client as the right partner for the customer.
  • Increasing customer interest in our client as an organization, its products, and solutions.
  • Identifying open windows for system identification with necessary support from the Business Consultant Systems.
  • Addressing digital transformation in machine building and ensuring a value proposition.
  • Applying innovation management with necessary support from the Business Consultant Systems.


  • Achieving growth with system solutions.
  • Conducting a SWOT analysis of the market, customer, and competition.
  • Analyzing buying centers.
  • Collaborating with the Sales Manager to create account plans with challenging targets and SMART objectives based on collected information.
  • Successfully executing account plans and discussing progress with the Sales Manager.
  • Managing all information regarding conditions, risks, details, service, warranties, lead times, and agreements within SAP, ERP, and CRM.
  • Informing Internal Sales correctly so that quotations can be prepared, and information can be recorded in ERP/SAP.
  • Sharing market, customer, and competitor knowledge within the organization to enhance the organization's knowledge level and provide the customer with the best technical solution.
  • Identifying market trends and translating them into our client solutions.


  • Managing sales projects in collaboration with the project manager of the application department.


  • Providing the right system solution to customers with software knowledge.
  • Providing technical support to fellow account managers.


  • Managing interfaces between departments.
  • Acting within the established company authorities and procedures.
  • Taking on tasks in the absence of colleagues from the Sales Team.
  • Contributing to business growth and sharing success.
  • Promoting a positive working atmosphere.
  • Making a positive contribution to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Job requirements:

Holds a relevant University degree and has direct experience and affinity with the role


  • Extensive knowledge of our client's product range.
  • Knowledge of machine and process control.
  • Extensive knowledge of software engineering and industrial automation.
  • Specialist knowledge of HW/SW products within the portfolio.
  • System and application knowledge within machine building and relevant automation knowledge.
  • Knowledge of software, FAST, and Motion.
  • Understanding of market trends such as TCO, ROI, OEE, digital strategy, and digitization.
  • Familiarity with the clients Whitepapers.


  • Ability to build a healthy, sustainable relationship with customers, being customer-centric, taking responsibility for the customer, and setting boundaries.
  • Focusing on the customer's buying process, devising, and implementing actions to achieve targets and win projects.
  • Participating in and deriving value from trade shows, expos, and networking events.
  • Proactive work approach with a focus on pre-sales and project engineering.
  • Analytical thinking from a systems perspective and understanding the business case.
  • Understanding the impact on an OEM when transitioning to a new system.


  • Proficiency in modern languages, both written and spoken (French and English)
  • Excellent communication skills at various levels, from engineers to C-level.
  • Active listening to understand the customer's topics.
  • Detecting customer needs and providing sufficient input to the customer to transition to our client's system.
  • Networking and enthusiasm.
  • Being a business partner for the customer through analytical thinking, while keeping the bigger picture in mind.


  • Working according to the standard procedures, with knowledge of MS Office packages, SAP, ERP, and CRM.
  • Working in a structured, goal-oriented manner and enjoying achieving good results.
  • Maintaining focus on commercial interests.
  • Collaborative, solution-oriented, and mindful of team interests.
  • Making a positive contribution to the team's performance and a positive working atmosphere.
  • Energetic, independent, skilled at setting priorities, and maintaining an overview.
  • Preventing errors and ensuring quality.
  • Understanding and committing to the vision and mission.
  • Acting within our clients' authorities and guidelines.
  • Handling information with care and confidentiality.