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C&D Room Supervisor - DS3

Job Description

C&D Room Supervisor - DS3

Assignment description

Supervise all field works for DS3 Construction in the disciplines of:
- C&D Rooms

We expect the C&D supervisor to lead site progress meetings with contractor, be able to resolve construction hindrances that may arise, coordinate works with other field supervisors, understand interfaces impacting C&D Room construction/comm, read construction drawings, revise mark-ups and as-builts, work together with Proj. Engineer and Scheduler to follow up on critical path and site progress reviews. The supervisor participates in coordination alignment with the rest of DS3 team and also in site coordination toolboxes. The candidate ideally can work with BIM models, and Office365.

This is a SITE based position and we fully expect the supervisor is more on site than in the office. We do NOT accept rotational work although we can consider some flexibility, (long weekends once every 5 weeks for instance)

DS3 has 44000m2 of footprint.

Project Management experience is preffered.