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Electrical / Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Job Description

Electrical / Mechanical Maintenance technician

Assignment description

The Maintenance Technician will be responsible for executing electric / mechanic maintenance activities with our prototype equipment within the facility. Our prototype equipment consists of manual, semi-automatic and automatic stations (including robotic, dispensing, welding, vision systems, testing stations..) and is dynamically adopted to our requirements. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) coupled with Lean 6S will be critical in the success of fulfilling the role.
- Mechanical/electrical engineering degree or equivalent working experience
- >3y Experience in executing maintenance in relevant enviroment (robotics, semi-automated equipment)
- Experience in spare part management
- Experience in establishing TPM
- Experience in 5S/6S
- Strong technical trouble-shooting

Years of experience



  • PLC
  • SPS
  • TPM

Due to visa restrictions and the timefrasme we are working against we can only accept applicants who are EU natives or are already permitted to work in the EU.


if so please outline on your CV where you have satisfied the required experience/requirements and apply here or altrernatively you can send your CV to:

I look forward to hearing from you!