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Excitation Engineer

Job Description

The Experienced Field Engineer, Electrical Excitation is responsible for the Power Turbine Generator Excitation System and is accountable for control quality control - servicing, protection, security, As well as external reporting: Field Engineer may report to the client, the plant/utility owner, the construction firm, giving daily updates on job progress or as needed.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Participate as a Service Team member dedicated to Safety metrics
  • outage planning; possibly recommending and administering policies and procedures
  • Lead execution of retrofit projects, including: Excitation systems (EX2100 EX2100e), Generator Protection Systems (GPP), and Power System Stabilization systems
  • Support warranty administration and troubleshooting issues
  • Complete service reports, invoicing packages, and other requirements timely.
  • Drive customer satisfaction through commitment to quality.
  • Implement control constant modifications
  • Reading and modifying software sequencing
  • Set up and modify the hardware and software associated with the Gas/Steam Turbine Excitation / LCI system
  • Implement excitation control system software changes
  • Work with both DOS and Windows NT based operator interfaces
  • Work with both analog and digital controls including logic
  • Provide Technical Direction for wiring install and terminate, complete functionality checks, and troubleshooting the turbine excitation / LCI system. Perform start-up/shut-down sequencing and turbine/generator operation