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Grid Connection Manager

Job Description

Job overview:

A person with an electrical engineering background with experience in working with any electric utility in any prefecture in Japan. The ideal candidate has to have a strong knowledge in Grid Connection Application, grid studies and reports, and research on capacity connection and substations. Experience in all kinds of applications, registration, contracts, and process to register any powerplant is required.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Understand what the grid capacity is at various locations
  • Apply for Grid Connection Studies for the projects
  • Prepare documents and contracts that are required to connect a project to the grid
  • METI registration
  • OCCTO registration
  • Keep up to date with any changes in policies and regulations


  • At least 3 to 5 years of experience in applying for utility processes
  • Registered electrical engineer in Japan
  • Possess a driving license in Japan
  • Fluent in Japanese
  • Basic understanding of English language

If you are keen or know of anyone who may be interested, feel free to drop me a message: