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Mech Commissioning Engineer WSC

Job Description

  • Role

Execution of commissioning works related to discipline in charge, which are to be compliant with safety, time schedule, respective budget and satisfactory quality.

  • Responsibilities & Accountabilities


  • The preparation and execution of the commissioning, trial run, acceptance testing and inspection/measurements works defined by COM LE. Deviations from the agreed goals are reported and that corrective measures are initiated by arrangement with, and with the support of COM LE.
  • The personnel assigned to him/her are fully acquainted with the site specific rules, safety regulations and environmental protection measures and that they perform their work accordingly. Performance feedback of all employees assigned to him/her is made to the COM LE / COMM.
  • Participate also in site meetings by arrangement with the COM LE.
  • All available tools and aids are utilized to achieve the goals of his/her assignment and, as well, to strive for continuous product improvements and cost reduction.
  • Prepare, manage, perform, coordinate and monitor the commissioning of the specified systems in a safe and timely manner
  • Perform commissioning as per specifications, engineering documents taking into account the safety instructions, environmental protection measures and local regulations.
  • Organize and supervise the safe operation of the plant (site rules, safety regulations, shift plan, shift log, etc.) from system turnover from Installation until COD by arrangement with COM LE.
  • Facilitate the turnover of systems from Installation to commissioning and from commissioning to the customer in accordance with current procedure/work instruction by arrangement with COM LE.
  • Work off the open item lists of systems under his/her responsibility by arrangement with the COM LE.
  • Ensure the commissioning, operation, quality, record and feedback documentations are issued.
  • Hand over the commissioning, quality and feedback documentation and software (originals) with a document list to the COM LE for compiling and release.
  • Ensure that commercial and technical deviations are reported with a corresponding quality record and that the same are followed up until their completion by arrangement with the COM LE.
  • Keep a diary to record daily work, occurrences, problems, special information, etc. plus a list of pending items and maintain logbooks of commissioning records and operational events as specified in the work instructions by arrangement with COM LE
  • Provide, by assignment completion, a Site Report and forward the same to COM LE.
  • Provide, on request, technical experience feedback to project engineering departments during debriefing meeting(s) to be organized by the project.
  • Manage the handling and inspection of the commissioning test equipment. Organize the return of all commissioning test equipment as soon as possible by arrangement with the COM LE.
  • Train the customer staff in operation and maintenance as instructed by the COM LE.
  • Support and train other COM ENG's assigned to him/her as well.
  • Advise the direct COM LE for the commissioning staff planning.
  • Implementation of the necessary EHS procedures within the scope of the discipline works to include preparation of method statements, risk analyses, safety walks, toolbox talks etc.
  • Ensuring within the scope of the discipline works that subcontractors are in compliance with the EHS requirements at the site.

Technical authority (besides DoA)

  • Right to issue directives to other COM ENG's and other personnel reporting to him/her in regard to process-technical matters.
  • Right to receive time schedule, cost and objective information pertaining to issues that are relevant to his/her assignment from the COM LE.
  • Right to contact directly the engineering departments and the head office for commissioning technical problems by arrangement with the COM LE.
  • Right to immediately stop work and operation if the safety of personnel or equipment is in question.
  • Right to instruct technically necessary rework or modifications by arrangement with the COM LE

Specific discipline in charge

Mechanical ComE

  • Flushing of systems, function group start up and adjustments
  • Water steam cycle system cleaning, blow out and restoration
  • Water steam cycle system and steam turbine start up in manual and automated control mode, part load and base load adjustment and tuning
  • Fuel supply systems for oil or gas
  • Water supply systems, fire protection and gas warning system
  • Checking the system using the "Process and Instrumentation Diagrams" (P&ID)
  • Setting and testing the instrumentation (e.g. pressure and temperature transmitter, vibration detector, position switch, etc.)
  • Logical check (control system simulation, manipulation (of the system) on site, safety function test)
  • Testing of pumps (safety system test, direction of rotation check).
  • Sequencer test (automatic starting control)
  • Cycle cleansing (flushing the condensate and feed water system).
  • Operating, maintenance and training of mechanical system for customers
  • Blowing out (cleaning the steam supply lines with first steam).
  • Connecting the steam supply lines to the turbine and the condenser.