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Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

Job Description

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer BOP

Earthstream are currently looking for a Mechanical Commissioning Engineer with BOP experience to undertake the commissioning of the BOP mechanical systems and ensure planning, preparation and execution of the commissioning, operation, trial run and acceptance testing of a Gas Turbine Power Plant.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Responsible for cold and hot commissioning of the BOP systems and process of Gas Turbine Power Plants:
    - Takeover of the systems from construction
    - Instrument and transmitter calibration/adjustment and loop & target checks
    - Valve adjustments (solenoid actuation, pneumatic, hydraulic or motorized)
    - Motor initial runs with motor solo run, rotation check, load run checks

- Flushing of systems, function group start up and adjustments
- Preparation and execution of plant tests and performance tests and reliability run

  • Ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the site EHS plan requirements and specifically defined safe systems of work.
  • Coordinate the contractual tests with customer, adequacy with contract, turnover to customer without defects, follow-up of punch list items.
  • Manage, assess, supervise, support and promote the commissioning and other personnel assigned to him/her.
  • Ensure quality compliance for the scope of work by delegating responsibilities within your team, complying with all inspections, tests and witness points as contractually required and obtaining / producing quality records.
  • Ensure that commissioning is performed according to the specifications, engineering and commissioning documents, taking into account the safety instructions, environmental protection measures and local regulations.
  • Accept the turnover of systems from construction to commissioning and execute the turnover from commissioning to the customer in accordance with current procedure/work instruction and the contract.
  • Manage, perform, coordinate and monitor the commissioning of systems specified within the scope of work according to time schedule and contract and by arrangement with the Commissioning Manager.
  • Ensure the project milestone are achieved on time and within the budget cost.
  • Respect project milestones and provide information to the Commissioning Manager to assist in their realization.
  • Provide update information to the Commissioning Manager for reporting purposes, for the commissioning system time schedule and the commissioning staff planning.
  • Support and train the Commissioning Engineers assigned to him/her.
  • Train the customer staff in operation and maintenance as instructed by the Commissioning Manager.
  • To coordinate adequacy of as built systems with commissioning documentation, put under fluid, under voltage, control of results in the respect of the Clientprocess.
    - participating on daily and weekly commissioning meetings on site.
  • to identify and analyze technical problems, observe for defects and find solutions, ask for adequate technical support, report problems.
  • to follow-up non-conformities, cost analysis, as-built documentation.
  • Follow implemented on site EHS requirements, established in BiOZ/ EHS Plan and EHS procedure.
  • Report any unsafe situation and use "stop work" authority or decline to perform an assigned task, whenever an actual or perceived imminent concern for safety, the environment, or property exists.


  • Commissioning experience and strong knowledge of the mechanical BOP equipment of Gas Turbine Power Plants.
  • Having led a commissioning team in executing the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities independently.
  • Strong analytic and problem-solving capability.
  • Willing to travel worldwide for long term assignments
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and Polish.
  • An engineering degree from an accredited university.

Desired Characteristics

  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong team player and motivator.
  • Strong leadership skills with strong influence and power of persuasion.

Commissioning permission of Energy Industry (SEP certification as pr polish law) - category D (supervision) and category E (exploitation):

group I D E is for electrical works,

group II D/E is for energetic equipment

group III D/E is for gas equipment/pressurized