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Permitting Specialist - Korea

Job Description

Job Title: Permitting Specialist

Location: South Korea

Job Overview:

The position's focus will be in charge of preparing and submitting all necessary applications for development consents, authorisations and approvals in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The ideal person will have had previous experience as a permitting specialist for renewable energy in South Korea.

Key Responsibilities:

  • In charge of preparing all necessary applications for development permissions, licenses and endorsements in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, with the assistance of external planning lawyers if needed.
  • Define and oversee the submission of consent application documents to relevant authorities, ensuring that all necessary inputs from project development, EPC, O&M and other project interfaces are included.
  • Maintain an up-to-date consents register that includes a summary of all necessary permissions, conditions and obligations.
  • Responsible for keeping abreast of all planning and consenting policies, guidelines, and important stakeholder initiatives, and advocating for the project's interests in such initiatives.
  • Provide an assessment of the risks associated with applications and consents to the risk register.
  • In charge of preparing all required procedures within the development schedule.
  • Facilitate communication, reporting, and information exchange with the authorities regarding applications, as instructed by the Project Development Manager.
  • Maintain and frequently update a consent register that provides an overview of all necessary consents, conditions, and obligations, and keep a record of all correspondence and approvals received from consenting stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with the Project Development Manager to establish a schedule for submitting applications to the relevant authorities.
  • Monitor the process of obtaining consent releases and permissions to construct from various authorities and keep evidence of compliance in the consents register.
  • Communicate and maintain an up-to-date pre-construction consent release schedule for the project.
  • Track and document the integration of any requirements from authorities into the construction project.
  • Provide relevant inputs for the handover to O&M, which should include all consents, specific conditions, obligations, and records of correspondence and approvals related to the consent conditions.
  • The primary stakeholders comprise the authorities, the Project Development Manager, and the Engineering package leads.


  • Sc. or B.Sc. in planning, law or similar
  • 5 - 10 years of relevant experience within planning application and environmental permits work,
  • Excellent communication skills in both Korean and English
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally, as needed.

Aeran Yoon

Associate Consultant