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Project Development Director (Solar)

Job Description

Brief Description:

The main responsibility of the candidate is to represent the project and the project company to shareholders and other stakeholders. They will be responsible for the project's progress and maturity, including financing arrangements and will need to build relationships with project partners, vendors, and government stakeholders. They will also create and execute a business plan for expanding the portfolio of energy storage system (ESS) projects, ensuring compliance with regulations and market conditions. Their role includes delivering the project according to the investment case and achieving project objectives such as health, safety, budget, schedule, quality, and communication.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Building relationships with project partners, vendors, and government stakeholders.
  • Developing and implementing a business plan for ESS projects.
  • Keeping updated with regulations and market changes in Japan.
  • Ensuring all project objectives are met.
  • Planning project communication and managing relations with various stakeholders.
  • Providing reports and proposals to stakeholders.
  • Supervising project development and reporting to the Development Steering Committee.
  • Developing the project team, processes, and tools for future phases.
  • Supervising engineering matters and considering maintainability and operability.
  • Supervising the construction phase, managing risks and opportunities.
  • Implementing the operation and maintenance strategy.

The ideal candidate should have

  • A bachelor's degree in engineering, management, or a related field
  • At least 5 years of experience in the energy industry, preferably in investment, business development, or project development roles.
  • Experience in delivering large-scale power generation projects
  • Strong business acumen are valued
  • Possess a thorough understanding of technical, financial, commercial, policy, and regulatory aspects of greenfield project development.
  • Strong teamwork, analytical skills, risk management abilities,
  • Fluent in both Japanese and English