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Sr Relay Technician

Job Description

* Perform installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of protective relaying equipment.
* Perform function testing of substation control circuits on relay panel, transformers & circuit breaker change-outs.
* Perform end-to-end relay testing.
* Develop written standard commissioning, testing and maintenance procedures for protective relaying.
* Conducts tests using trouble- shooting techniques
* Installs, tests, maintains and troubleshoots relay & control, power line carrier, fault recording and communication interface equipment to assure proper and accurate operation
* Conducts maintenance testing on all relay equipment removed from service
* Maintains proper care of tools, equipment and supplies utilized in job performance
* Performs commissioning tests on new relay and control protective equipment and RTU before it is placed in service to ensure proper calibration and operation
* Performs acceptance tests on new relay and control protective equipment
* Maintains specialized stock of parts and equipment for all areas to utilize


* 5+ years of hands on experience installing, maintaining, testing & repairing protective relays on high voltage substations.
* Calibrate & perform functional tests on both electromechanical and micro-processor based protective relays for high voltage substations.
* Experience installing, maintaining, testing, & repairing circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, and similar equipment.
* Capable of trouble shooting distribution and transmission controls circuits