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Technical Engineer (BESS)

Job Description

General Description:

The Technical Engineer is expected to possess an Engineering Degree, preferably in Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics, or Power Engineering, and should have a minimum of 8 years of professional work experience.

The Technical Engineer will primarily engage in utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) project development.

Technical Engineer will be responsible for:

  • Selecting and validating project technical solutions (overseeing both functional and physical design, as well as product validation) within a project team.
  • Crafting technical proposals encompassing technical, financial, and lead time aspects.
  • This role demands proficient problem-solving abilities, technical writing skills, and effective communication.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct studies to determine optimal compromises in functional design and physical product with regard to the project's objectives.
  • Verify and validate project designs.
  • Offer solutions to various project-related challenges.
  • Coordinate the multidisciplinary engineering team throughout the project development phase.
  • Manage the Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery criteria, risks, and opportunities associated with engineering work package deliverables.
  • Organize both internal and external technical meetings.
  • Provide status updates on engineering activities to the Engineering Manager and Project Manager.
  • Contribute to the revision of cost estimates during the project's lifecycle.
  • Negotiate product interfaces, their requirements, and associated validation processes with the customer.
  • Participate in the preparation, monitoring, supervision, and testing phases during project installation and commissioning (I&C).