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Sales Engineer

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22 days ago
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Christopher Wynne
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Automation & Controls

Job title: Sales Engineer
Place of work: Netherlands (South), Hybrid (Internal/External)
Position in the Organisation: The Sales Engineer has a direct reporting line to the Sales Director and works together with the Sales Team

The Client
Our client is a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology - offering products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, and engineering services and tools from one single source.

They support the customer throughout the entire machine development process - from the control system to the drive shaft, from the initial idea to after-sales.

Their products can be found in many industries, including automotive, packaging, material handling logistics, robotics.

Purpose of the Job
The achievement of sales results by proactive assisting with the selling of our client solutions to customers.

Assisting with the development of long-lasting and sustainable customer relationships, whereby solutions are developed for customers with care and support which contribute to the growth and profitability of our client.

The Sales Team works in accordance with the Sales Manual of our client, which sets out standardised and structured work procedures in 5 phases to create a sustainable, healthy, successful, and profitable relationship with the customer.


  • The performance of administrative tasks, such as reports, contracts, e-mail correspondence, and quotations.
  • The documentation and the administration of activities.
  • The detailed working out of solutions using the system architecture.
  • The checking of prices, product numbers, and discounts, and the collection of all the information necessary for the preparation of accurate quotations.
  • The performance of activities in accordance with our client's Vision and Mission.
  • The monitoring the progress of placed orders.
  • The calculation of price conditions using a calculation template.
  • Ensuring a perfect and professional appearance of presentations and quotations in partnership with the Sales Team.
  • Entering and updating database records (ERP and CRM) ;
  • The coordination of customer requests, the agreement of deadlines, and the setting of priorities.
  • The proactive provision of information to customers and colleagues.


  • Offering active support to the sales team.
  • Holding progress meetings to discuss ongoing projects with the Sales Team.
  • Searching for new leads.
  • The drawing up of progress reports and action plans.

Project-based working:

  • The coordination, supporting, and having personal responsibility for sales-related projects.


  • Supporting the Sales Engineers during visits to P, A, B, and C customers on request and in consultation with colleagues in the Sales Team.
  • The registration of the information obtained during customer visits in the CRM system.
  • The recording of specifications during visits to customers and entering them in the CRM system.
  • The preparation and giving of presentations about the solutions developed for customers.
  • The identification of any high-risk projects and gathers information to permit good Go/No Go project decisions.


  • Providing technical support to other Sales Engineers during the working out of solutions using the system architecture.


  • Handling the interfaces between departments.
  • Solving problems that come up along the way.
  • Providing flexible cover.
  • Taking over work activities in the absence of colleagues in the Sales Team.
  • Helping the business to grow and sharing in its success.
  • Contributing to the realisation of the targets.
  • Helping to create a positive working environment.
  • Making a positive contribution to the achievement of 100% customer satisfaction

Job requirements:

The Sales Engineer:

* Hold a relevant Technical Qualification with a strong affinity for the role.

Industry Knowledge:
* Demonstrated experience and understanding of Industrial Automation, including Motion Control Systems
* Familiarity with selling to OEMs across diverse market segments.

Skills and Traits:
* Extraverted personality with a natural selling attitude.
* Exceptional closing skills, encompassing active listening, negotiation, communication, and persuasion.
* Ability to focus on the customer's buying process and implement strategic actions to achieve targets.

Networking and Communication:
* Proficient in Dutch & English, both written and spoken.
* Excellent communication skills across various levels, from engineers to C-level executives.
* Actively listen to understand customer needs and provide valuable insights.
* Participation in Industry Events:
* Engage in and derive value from trade shows, expos, and networking events.
* Showcase our client's solutions and contribute to the company's visibility in the industry.

Ideal Candidate:
We are seeking a candidate who:

Comes from the Automation world with a proven track record in selling Industrial Automation products and solutions with experience in Mechatronics.

Experience working with OEM's

Our Client Competencies:
When you join our client, you're not just embracing a role - you're stepping into an environment that prioritizes your well-being and professional growth. Here's a glimpse of the enticing offer awaiting:

Competitive Base Salary: Client offers a highly competitive base salary that reflects the
significance of your role as a Sales Engineer in the realm of Industrial Automation.

Performance-Driven Bonus: Unlock the potential for substantial rewards with our client's performance-driven bonus structure. Earn an impressive 20% bonus on your gross income over a
12-month period. This bonus is collective, tied to team achievements, and based on the successful
attainment of business targets and KPIs.

Company Car: As part of our client's commitment to your success, they will provide a company car, ensuring you have the tools you need to excel in your role.

Pension Benefits: Our client believes in supporting their team members in building a stable and
prosperous future, and their pension benefits are designed with this commitment in mind.
Here's why joining our client is not just a career move but an exciting opportunity:

Cutting-Edge Technology: Immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge mechatronic products and advanced automation solutions. Be part of a team that constantly pushes the boundaries of
what's possible in Industrial Automation.

Global Impact: Contribute to a globally recognized automation manufacturer and play a key role in delivering solutions that impact industries worldwide. Your work will have a direct influence on shaping the landscape of automation on a global scale.

Collaborative Culture: Join a team that values collaboration, creativity, and diverse perspectives.
Our inclusive and dynamic work environment fosters innovation, allowing you to thrive and make a significant impact on our projects and initiatives.

Professional Growth: Elevate your career with continuous opportunities for professional development. Our client invests in their team members, providing access to training, mentorship,
and resources to ensure you stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.

Family Culture: Experience the best of both worlds - the global reach of a leading automation manufacturer combined with the warmth of a family-oriented culture. Join a company where you're not just an employee but a valued member.

Innovation Hub: Be part of an innovation hub where your ideas are not only welcomed but
celebrated. We encourage a culture of forward thinking, where your creativity and passion for
Industrial Automation can flourish.

Join our client and be a key player in driving the future of Industrial Automation with a company that values your skills, fosters creativity, and embraces innovation. Elevate your career and
contribute to the exciting journey of transforming ideas into reality.


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Christopher Wynne

Christopher Wynne

Specialisms: Semiconductor, Automation & Controls, Gigafactory, Industrial

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