The offshore wind industry is making great strides in developing technology that means projects can be built further from shore, including technological innovations in floating foundations and hydrogen storage.

However, a new report by Chatham Partners, a boutique law firm specialising in renewable energy, indicates that if such technology were to allow the construction of wind farms in the high seas, the current legal framework would not have the scope to cover such development.

The high seas are all regions of the sea that sit outside the control of a single nation. They make up 50% of the surface area of the planet, and cover over two thirds of the oceans. However, the lack of clear rules covering development in the high seas will be a challenge for using any of these areas for offshore wind.

According to the report, Offshore Wind in High Seas: Unlimited potential beyond national control?, the industry should call for discussions to form a robust legal framework now, or risk missing the opportunities the high seas could offer in decades to come.

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Source: ESI Africa

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