The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has selected Dandelion Energy for the provision of a new geothermal technology that is expected to help reduce consumer energy costs by 20%.

The technology will enable ground-source heat pumps (also called geothermal systems) to be installed faster than traditional equipment.

The technology reduces the time it takes to install geothermal systems from up to one week to one day and the overall cost of installing geothermal for New York homeowners by approximately 20%.

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The technology was developed and tested as part of NYSERDA’s Next Generation HVAC Innovation Challenges, which supports the development, commercialisation and demonstration of new technologies for HVAC systems.

Increasing the use of clean heating and cooling technologies supports the state’s 2025 Green New Deal climate and clean energy programme.

As part of the programme, New York has set a target to reduce energy use by an amount equivalent to the energy demand of 1.8 million homes per annum.

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Source: Smart Energy International

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