Germany's quest for modernised Power

Since the decision of the German Government (in 2011) to shut down all nuclear power plants by 2022, the topic “Energiewende” is the challenge of every German company. It is about the replacing of 30 Gigawatt in Power Generation (Wind, PV) and to modernize the Power Grid.

Our customer is one of the leading European EPC companies, building the “Energiewende”.

In close cooperation with the General Manager and the HR director we filled key management position within the company. In one year we placed two Business Unit Managers, both in very important business units of the company.

One placement was made in the Renewable Energy department, a new business unit with a high strategically value.

The second placement was a replacement in the Energy Infrastructure department, the unit with the highest turnover in the project segment.

In a third project, a retained search, our consulting led to an internal decision of GA EAN to finally restructure two departments to one business unit.

Sectors: PowerTech, GridTech

Services: TaaS, PTaaS, ETaaS

Region: Europe