Power Plant in Central America

Our client, an EPC contractor based in Central America, won a contract to solve a prolonged electricity crisis that has traditionally being a bottleneck to the country’s economic growth. This contract consisted in building a 770-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant. 

Due to the lack of industry expertise in the country workforce (construction of power plants) and the budget limitations to attract foreign expertise, our client required a tailored resourcing solution that was able to attract Latin American expertise at in-country rates. 

We were engaged to provide the workforce solution for the boiler installation phase, where it was required the resourcing of high volume of candidates.

Resourcing and technical and medical screening was required in different countries in South America. Complex visa and work permit solutions needed to be in place. This required the engagement, training and supervision of an efficient network of local resourcing teams, Visa agents and logistic companies in Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico.

Successfully we were able to place 250 expats specialists that collaborated in the full installation of the 2 boilers that comprised the plant.

Sectors: PowerTech

Services: MTaaS

Region: Latin America