Feroz Hakim, like most 17-year-old young men, wears jeans and T-shirts, likes going to the gym and is a fan of the latest sneaker trends. One thing sets him apart from the majority of teenagers in Germany though: having immigrated from Afghanistan, he is adapting to an entirely new environment, culture and language.

To assist him in setting foot in his new home country Germany; EarthStream has decided to collaborate with “Berufliche Schule City Nord”, an occupational school based in Hamburg that, besides other courses, offers an integration program for young migrants that prepares them for the professional world and gives them direction regarding their career path.

For the past two months, Feroz spent 2-3 days per week in our Hamburg office to get an idea of the recruitment industry and what an office environment looks and feels like in Germany. Being closely mentored by Feno Rasoanaivo, our German in-house trainer, he worked on a number of administrative projects and also prepared a presentation for the school and company.

Being asked about his experience, Feroz says; “I really like my internship. I’ve learned a lot in a short space of time and what I like most about this office is that it feels like a family. Both my mentor Feno and the team welcomed me with open arms and helped me out whenever I needed support.“

Kerstin Wintersberg of the occupational school City Nord, who guides and mentors the students throughout their internship, adds: “It’s of essential worth for our youth to get individual support and a transparent and respectful treatment from the partner companies. EarthStream has done exactly that for Feroz. Feno and the team have contributed to Feroz’ growth and personal development, not only with regards to improving his German skills. The active relationship between the company, the school and the intern contribute towards a successful integration of young immigrants.”

EarthStream is happy to successfully have contributed to Feroz’ integration into German society and, as part of our corporate values, strives to further support and take part in social commitments.

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