New financial mechanisms will be required to speed the energy transition in the UK, according to a report released by utility Scottish Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

The report Delivering DSO outlines how the utility is investing over £160 million in the RIIO-ED1 project to support its transition to a smarter, flexible electricity network.

The report comprises seven policy recommendations to ensure the UK’s network infrastructure is prepared for net-zero.

The seven policy recommendations are: 

  • The introduction of a clear mechanism that supports anticipatory investment to help electricity networks prepare for net-zero. 
  • The introduction of requirements for new homes to be ‘EV ready’ with appropriate charging infrastructure. 
  • Mandating the installation of smart EV charging to ensure infrastructure is being efficiently utilised.
  • Encourage households to adopt flexibility by providing a financial incentive above market value.
  • Improving transparency of anonymised EV-use to support the smooth transition to electrified transport;
  • Improving transparency of Low-Carbon Technology uptake to improve investment decisions; and 
  • Adopting a whole-systems approach, with communities taking a leading role in the journey to net-zero. 

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Source: Smart Energy International

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