Aerial shot of big and deep mining quarry for extraction


EarthStream offers a wide range of surface and underground geoscience jobs across multiple commodity types. As with all commodities, the demand for certain minerals and ores can fluctuate, however as supplies for some of these dwindle, the extraction process can be complicated, expensive and impact the environment.

We deliver Talent into the Extraction Sector Globally

Since 2010 EarthStream’s specialist recruitment team has worked with many major mining owners / operators as well exciting junior miners and start-ups sourcing Geologists, Quarry Managers, Quarry Engineers, Construction Engineers, Mine Planners, Geotechnical Engineers, Mining Engineers, Minerals Surveyors, Senior Geologists and Mine Managers

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Our Extraction Experience and Expertise

Our dedicated recruitment team can assist you throughout the hiring process. We have formed partnerships with some of the leading organisations in the industry helping to source and select top local experts or skill expats to fill vacancies.

If you are looking for the next job in Geosciences, or you want to discuss how EarthStream recruiters can help, simply get in contact with our team or explore the latest job opportunities listed below.

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