Engineer checking and controlling welding robotics automatic arms machine in intelligent factory industrial with monitoring system software.


There has been a continued growth of advanced manufacturing requirements in many more countries as new technologies evolve. EarthStream is a specialist recruiter at the forefront supporting asset owners and operators in addition to OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who utilise the same skills to fill a wide range of job roles in manufacturing and production.

We deliver Talent into the Manufacturing Sector Globally

We have worked with many leading manufacturers in automotive, mining commodities and construction industries around the world who require permanent, contract and fixed term length services from Manufacturing Engineers, Manufacturing Consultants, Operations Managers, Engineering Project Managers, Quality Assurance Officers and Maintenance Engineers.

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Our Manufacturing Experience and Expertise

Our team are vertical industry specialists who have the knowledge and experience to assist you in every step of the recruitment process.

If you are looking for the next job in Manufacturing, or you want to discuss how EarthStream’s recruiters can help, simply get in contact with our team or browse the latest job opportunities listed below.

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Processing & Production , Manufacturing , Battery Storage

Health and safety specialist (BAS-P) - Construction




Our client has an exciting job offer for a Health and safety specialist to join our passionate team In joining us you will play an important part from the very start in building one of the first la...


Quality Specialist - Technical Cleanliness




Assignment description The Technical Cleanliness (TC) Specialist leads the technical cleanliness program for the prototype lab. Technical Cleanliness is the quality criterion that ensures products ...