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Explore Our 2023 Global Energy Salary Survey

Explore Our 2023 Global Energy Salary Survey

Explore the biggest salary trends and insights from 2022 and 2023 so far in the UK in EarthStream's Global Energy Salary Survey.

Introducing the EarthStream Global Salary Survey, an extensive analysis that examines the transformations that have influenced the global energy industry from 2022 to 2023, providing valuable insights into its future trajectory.

This energy survey considers various factors, such as rising inflation rates, the cost of living, the conflict in Ukraine, and the far-reaching consequences of the post-pandemic landscape. By identifying and exploring these critical elements, the survey presents a deeper comprehension of the obstacles and possibilities that professionals and companies in the energy sector will encounter in the future.

As the global emphasis on reaching Net-Zero grows, so do our three specialist sectors, Renewable Energy, Power & Grid, and Industrial Technology. This report specifically hones in on significant areas within those sectors, including challenges in recruitment, compensation trends, sustainability efforts, career aspirations of candidates, and employee retention practices within the energy sector.