Energy from waste recycling plant


As we increase our collective efforts to decarbonise energy generation and move towards a circular economy, tapping into renewable, partially renewable, and low-carbon energy sources such as waste is critical to safeguarding energy security.

Engineering specialists are needed to upgrade and expand energy from waste facilities in line with evolving environmental challenges, policies, and targets – and ultimately drive sustainable solutions to meet the growing demand for energy and fuel across the globe.

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We Deliver Top Talent into the Renewables Sector Globally

EarthStream’s dedicated renewable energy recruitment team deliver highly experienced engineers, safety specialists and commercial professionals to service the renewable energy sector globally. We can support you at every stage of your energy from waste project lifecycle: from research and development to commissioning, maintenance, operations, policy, planning management and beyond. ​

We have proven experience of sourcing talent across multiple energy from waste technologies and outputs such as combustion, pyrolysis, gasification, anaerobic digestion, and gas from landfill recovery. ​

EarthStream’s Energy From Waste Jobs

EarthStream cover a broad range of technical and commercial Energy From Waste jobs around the world, including: Plant Manager; Shift Manager; Operations Manager; Maintenance Manager; Mechanical Maintenance Technician; EC&I Engineer; Project Engineer; Commissioning Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; SHEQ Coordinator; Process Operator; and many more. ​

To discuss how EarthStream’s recruiters can help you onboard exceptional local content or experienced engineering expats to service your energy from waste projects anywhere in the world, contact us today. Looking for a new job role? Explore our latest opportunities below.

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